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Smart Security Services

Home & Cottage Security

Complete home and cottage security services allow you and your family to feel safe and protected. With remote access, connect to your home from anywhere in the world. Black Rock Security also offers residential surveillance camera systems with the ability to remote view, and control your cameras. 

Cottage Solutions

Black Rock offers a complete line of modern and environmentally friendly solutions for cottages or RVs including Cinderella Incineration Toilets.  For those who have access to power, the  "Comfort" electric model provides waterless sanitation. For those "off grid", the "Freedom" propane - powered model is perfect for remote locations. All Cinderella toilets don't require water or sewage connections.

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Commercial Security

Black Rock Security offers a full suite of security and surveillance technology for your business. Cutting edge solutions including CCTV, access control, audio/PA systems, intrusion and fire monitoring provide visibility and reporting tools to manage your commercial operations. 

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